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According to a recent study, revenues in the Singapore food market are expected to rise to an estimated US$9.88bn by the end of 2027. With that said, it’s important to note that a huge chunk of this revenue comes from the perishable goods industry. 

Aside from moving perishable goods, there could be several reasons why you need to utilise freezer truck rental in Singapore. Whether you’re in the food service industry, transporting pharmaceuticals or even conveying temperature-sensitive items from a museum, refrigerated truck rental is often the most convenient.

If you don’t often use refrigerated trucks, you might find it time-consuming to shortlist options. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of some of the top options to consider when you need to hire a refrigerated truck. 

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List of Refrigerated Truck Rental Companies in Singapore

Temperature-sensitive items can easily become spoiled if they aren’t transported and stored correctly. This in turn can lead to a significant financial loss. 

That’s why it’s crucial to opt for a rental company that can provide you with the right type of freezer truck. Keep reading as we provide feedback on a few of the top refrigerated truck rental options to consider in the Singapore area.1. RentaLorry

RentaLorry boasts a wide variety of transport trucks including their popular refrigerated trucks with advanced cooling systems. Depending on your specific transport needs, you can choose between smaller vans or larger chiller trucks. 

Unlike many of its competitors, RentaLorry doesn’t use regular insulation systems. Instead, their freezer trucks are fitted with state-of-the-art cooling systems that ensure temperatures can be regulated as required. 

Their trucks are ideal for food storage, making it convenient to transport perishable foods, beverages, and medicines. Extra accessories make it easy to meet all your transporting needs. With RentaLorry you can expect well-maintained vehicles, superior after-sales service, and competitive prices.

2. Nam Seng Cargo Gear Suppliers Pte Ltd

If you’re looking for refrigerated trucks with specialised cooling systems, you should consider Nam Seng Cargo Gear Suppliers Pte Ltd. Founded in 1988, these impressive truck rental agents have everything on offer from forklifts to quality freezer trucks. 

It’s worth mentioning that their cooling systems are designed and maintained to exceed industry standards. Additionally, their fleet also contains freezer trucks that have been fitted with tailgate hydraulic systems that make for easy loading. 

This ensures that goods aren’t damaged or spoiled while heavier items are being manually loaded or unloaded onto the trucks. Compartments and specialised racks make it easy to safely transport perishable goods. They are also well-known for their efficient and reliable customer service. With a biz SAFE3 certification, you can be assured that your perishable products are in safe hands!

3. A2B Mover SG

A2B Mover is well known around Singapore for being able to transport your perishable goods around the country without risking the integrity of your products. Freezer trucks are not only well maintained but provide a temperature-controlled environment for your perishable goods.

The freezer trucks on offer from A2B Mover are suitable to move any items such as pharmaceuticals drugs, fine art, and tobacco products that require controlled temperatures as well as designated humidity levels. They offer competitive pricing, fully-equipped moving teams, and a wide range of service areas. 

4. OMNI Global Pte Ltd 

Another rental company well worth adding to your shortlist is OMNI GLOBAL PTE LTD. With a variety of different-sized freezer trucks, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect option for your transport needs. 

Not only do they have optional tailgate accessories to make loading and offloading easier, but their vehicles also boast adjustable temperatures to suit any type of perishable goods. With their airtight features, you’re also assured that your goods will stay fresh during transport. In addition to being known for their professionalism, their service is punctual and affordable.

5. Goldbell Engineering Pte Ltd

As a rental company with 40 years of industry experience, Goldbell Engineering Pte Ltd is a firm favourite in the freezer truck rental business. Their extensive fleet includes refrigerated truck options specifically designed for transporting goods within food and beverage organisations. 

Since certain types of perishable products require specific temperatures to remain fresh, it’s always advised to use freezer trucks that can easily alternate between freezing and below-freezing temperatures. 

Adjustable temperatures make the transport of temperature-sensitive goods a breeze. Complementary aftersales service and comprehensive transport solutions ensure that you’ll be able to rent the right freezer truck for the job.

6. Lala Move

Another popular rental option in the freezer truck industry is LaLa Move. With their recent vehicle upgrade, they can now offer new refrigerated trucks with improved cooling systems. Aside from being well insulated, chilled goods can be stored below atmospheric temperature while frozen items are ideally stored below freezing point. 

Furthermore, another new feature on offer is the tailgate mechanism that enables goods to be easily loaded and unloaded at the pick-up and drop-off points. With no surcharge, it’s easy to see why this option is often the top choice.

7. OTC Asia Logistics

OTC Asia Logistics has been around since 2010 and is well known for providing logistical solutions across Asia. The refrigerator trucks, commonly referred to as “reefer trucks”, are available in two common sizes. 

The smaller freezer truck type has a capacity of 3.5 tons and can easily transport 5 pallets of perishable goods. The bigger version, on the other hand, boasts a 10-ton capacity and can transport about 12 pallets of temperature-sensitive items. Opting for the right size truck will minimise having to do more trips than you had initially budgeted for.

Aside from a host of refrigeration features, the trucks from OTC Asia Logistics are equipped with real-time GPS tracking and monitoring of location. That way you’ll ensure that your goods get to their destination on time, every time!


When you’re considering freezer truck rental, it’s important to shortlist a few potential companies that can assist you. Always check the specifications of the freezer trucks on offer versus the needs of your products. This includes checking for specific temperatures on offer in the trucks, and reviewing the options of tailgates, and also capacity. That way you’ll be sure to rent the perfect truck for the job.

Alternatively, if you have freezer trucks that need maintenance, it’s important to note that Syntech can easily assist with this. Furthermore, Syntech can also customise any of your existing vehicles to meet any refrigeration needs. Keep in mind that this will be done strictly according to relevant industry standards. Let Syntech help you get the edge over your competitors!

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