Equipment Onboarding

SYNTECH believes in the power of educating and training people in the field of safety and the efficient use of industrial equipment. SYNTECH knows and understands the industry and is aware of the importance of trained employees in the field of safety, productivity and growth of organizations.

As dynamic manufacturer and supplier of industrial vehicle machinery, equipment knowledge training is a conducted by SYNTECH ENGINEERS to ensure all instructions and information about the equipment, we have developed, are what the users need to know in order for the equipment to perform effectively.


Depending on the user’ roles and responsibilities, this training will focus on the use, the different levels of maintenance, the safety limitations and the knowledgeable to troubleshoot  and remedy problems.

Because much of what we design and develop, are unique to the client’s own specification. Which is why, we take the responsibility to ensure the users are familiar with the operation of the equipment manufactured by us very seriously.

We have also conducted numerous trainings and commissioning over the years beyond our shores,  in Sri Lanka, Philippines etc.

SYNTECH’s main goal is to ensure the highest availability level of our equipment. The Refresher course is intended to refresh and update the knowledge and skills of qualified Personnel working with our equipment. Competency assessment will be conducted on test simulations and simulated boards to cover updates in safety practices and inspections for power and intrinsically safe equipment.


Sewer Manhole Course

Appointed by PUB Learning Hub and Singapore Society for Trenchless Technology (SgSTT), SYNTECH ENGINEERS have been appointed  to conduct sewer and manhole cleaning courses as well as sewer CCTV inspections and reports courses.

The “Perform Manhole Safety Assessment” is a mandatory training course for all workers working in construction sites and related industries as well as for operators who clean or inspect public sewer or perform gas testing in confined spaces /manholes prior to entry/work and periodically to ensure the atmosphere is within the confined spaces/manholes is safe for continuous occupancy.


WSQ Supervise Work in Confined Space Operation (formerly known as Safety Instruction Course (Manhole) under MOM ATP scheme) or Building Construction Supervisors Safety Course with at least 3 years of relevant experience in confined spaces/Manholes

For our equipment supplied to MINDEF, we also conduct trainings (both theory and practical) as well as commissioning them overseas. Sometimes we also attached our people with them for their overseas assignments.

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