Building of Custom Trucks

We are adopters and fabricators of the heavy industrial vehicles fitting/ builder industry. We create solutions for your transportation challenges. The SYNTECH engineering staff has decades of experience, regionally in the heavy industrial vehicles industry.

AT SYNTECH, we offer a full range of equipment and spares support and are vastly experienced in the fabrication and assembly of  Heavy & Core construction equipment  on to Industrial Vehicles, Trucks and heavy Industrial vehicles.

We have a  robust custom commercial/industrial vehicle manufacturing capabilities in-house that turn plans into prototypes and production vehicles. Whether you need a single custom commercial vehicle or an entire fleet, we have the skilled professionals and the agility to handle all phases of fabrication and manufacturing.

By doing the work in-house we achieve seamless integration with SYNTECH Engineering from the first day. We include special equipment requirements into our manufacturing processes, including any tooling needed to produce custom-made parts.

Custom truck system may be unique, and heavy equipment OEMs are increasingly calling on manufacturers to develop customised systems that is specific for your industry requirements. At SYNTECH, we answer that call with engineers that study your needs, so trucks can be customised based on exact specifications and built with adaptability in mind.

Consider some of our Customised Projects for local and international clients that seek very customised requirements under very regulated conditions. 

We take the time to understand your requirements, work with you to perfect the design, and then develop a custom-engineered solution to manufacture as many vehicles as you need.

Mobile Sewer Cleaner Combination Unit

Our company begin manufacturing mobile sewer cleaner combination units in 1996. With Combi units that combine vacuuming, high pressure water jetting and recycling system specified to the needs for a fleet by Ministry of the Environment.

Vacuum tankers and Combination units for Philippines

We manufactured a total of 26 units of vacuum tankers, combination units and sewer jetters for Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System in Manila, Philippines.

Aircraft Refuellers for Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan
More recently, we manufactured and supplied 2 Aircraft Refuellers and 1 trailer mounted refueller module for the Taoyuan International Airport.

The Design Review, Training & Commissioning


A Commissioning Process can be split into stages that detail and explains  the vehicle’s usability, functionality and it’s effectiveness.

With the stakeholders of the project, the vehicle is reviewed  in accordance with data collected to the conditions set by the client. And finally, the requirements expected to be delivered to ensure that the commissioning of a vehicle services is performed and documented under the client’s project requirements.And with the proximity of training and maintenance, the specifications  of the vehicle will be ready for it’s final commissioning.

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