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The Singapore land transport sector comprises 8,500 companies, and employs more than 120,000 workers. The industry contributed about 1.1% of Singapore’s GDP in 2016.18 Dec 2018. There are various types of lorries such as lorry with open top, with canopy and lorries that come installed with a crane for easy loading and unloading. 

The more frequently spotted lorries in Singapore are the 10ft,  14ft, and 24-footer lorries. They don’t always come fitted with the contraptions and mechanisms that we usually see them with.

They require customised fabrication and modifications based on the client’s needs and LTA’s safety regulatory protocols. 

SYNTECH has over 30 years experience in the lorry industry. Throughout the years, our custom-built lorry modification team has serviced industries from  the construction, transport , logistics and defence to the customisation of leasers and sellers of transport fleets from all different facets of hard industries. We custom fit a range of different types of lorries transport and have become an industry leader in customising heavy industrial vehicles in Singapore. 

Longer rigid frame lorries often have access limitations in roads and non-industrial spaces and buildings due to their limited turning radius or their height restrictions.

Our engineers have the capability to resolve your vehicle problems and assist in the certification and registration of vehicles and submit Compliance with LTA on behalf of vehicle manufacturers and importers for existing system modification and redesign with the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) for approval.

( See:  Design Engineering, Modification, Building of Custom Trucks, Maintenance & Inspection )

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