At SYNTECH ENGINEERS, we fabricate and manufacture special vehicles for Cold Chain transport solutions. The cold chain involves the transportation of temperature-sensitive products along a supply chain through thermal and refrigerated packaging methods and the logistical planning to protect the integrity of these shipments. There are several means in which cold chain products can be transported, including refrigerated trucks and railcars, refrigerated cargo ships, reefers, and air cargo.

All our vehicles are Singapore Standards Council (SSC), Singapore Manufacturing Federation, Standards Development Organisation (SMF- SDO) and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) compliant.

From Cooling Systems/ Cold Storage/ Cold Transport to Cold Processing and Distribution. Cold chain logistic transport chain requires a set of transport, handling, storage and distribution procedures to maintain, at all times. Cold carriers are trucks that embeds cooling technology that allows for the interior temperature to be reduced and maintained within a range of 12 to -20 °C, depending on the type of vehicle used. Refrigerated carriers reduce the temperature inside the passenger compartment and to maintain it for an average outside temperature of between 30 and -20 °C.

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