We offer our customers more than an equipment. We offer a package of design processes, that allows for applied science, mathematics and engineering feasibilities to be used to achieve a high level of optimisation to meet safety requirements of the required objective.

Which would include problem solving processes to determine your objectives, constraints from 3D modelling of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), prototyping, we engage in testing, result evaluation, from design to development and build. Where it can enable us to comprehensively understand the data to quantify any physical phenomena such as structural or hydraulic behaviours by prediction of how a part or assembly behaves under given conditions.

 It  helps our engineers find weak spots, areas of tension, in our designs before the fabrication and installation process.


Commissioning Process

The Design Review, Training & Commissioning

A Commissioning Process can be split into stages that detail and explains  the vehicle’s usability, functionality and it’s effectiveness.



With the stakeholders of the project, the vehicle is reviewed  in accordance with data collected to the conditions set by the client.


And finally, the requirements expected to be delivered to ensure that the commissioning of a vehicle services is performed and documented under the client’s project requirements.And with the proximity of training and maintenance, the specifications  of the vehicle will be ready for it’s final commissioning.

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