Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) and Truck Inspection

Part of Telematics Service Provider (TSP) includes a Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) .

*Total Service Provider (TSP) – A department solely dedicated to serve and manage Goldbell Engineering’s business offers services to the Goldbell fleet. Includes a Pre-delivery inspection that is essentially, a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle to make sure it is ready to be driven on the road. They include a road test to ensure general steering and handling, transmission, and brake operations are in good working condition. And that would also include taking care of the registration and inspection of the trucks and finally, the washing, polishing.  The Quality Control (QC) checks before delivery. .

Everything You Need to Know About Your In-Vehicle Unit (IU) | Articles | Motorist SingaporeIU in-vehicle repair and replacements are fixes that often bring major differences to the fleet. At SYNTECH, we are an authorised IU inspection centre. We are authorised to fix, transfer and install in-vehicle unit. As of Nov 2021, it has been announced that installations of New On-Board Units for Next-Generation ERP System Delayed until Mid-2023.

IU deemed in good working condition, can transferred within six months from the registration date of the  vehicle. However, it can only be transferred among vehicles of the same class.


Our engineers don’t only have the capability of solve your vehicle problems of existing system modification, redesign,  we also help in the registration of newly modified vehicles for regulated use on the Singapore roads with the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) for approval. Whatever your use, whatever the size of your fleet. We specialise and assist in the certification  and registration of vehicles and submit Compliance with LTA on behalf of vehicle manufacturers and importers.

Goldbell Group

A Strategic Partner

For more than 20 years now,  Syntech Engineers Pte Ltd has been the main contractor for Goldbell Engineering and a strategic partner. Headquartered in Singapore, the Goldbell Group is a leading brand name for the commercial vehicle distribution in leasing and sales of a comprehensive range of international brands in the Region for Industrial Vehicles.  Which is why, we have setup  Total Service Provider (TSP). A department solely dedicated to serve and manage Goldbell Engineering’s business.

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Intranet System

For ease of process, we have an intranet system with Goldbell Engineering. The Intranet system allows sales personnel from Goldbell to upload their sales orders, for Goldbell sales admin to approve and for us to pick up the order to process. The whole process is transparent to all users and from there they can track the movement of the orders till delivery.

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