Field Medical Stations/Hospital (or Battalion Casualty Station (BCS) Trucks)

Every medical centre in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) unit is equipped with a Battalion Casualty Station (BCS).

The BCS is a fully equipped medical station mounted on a military 5-ton truck. It can provide triage and treatment for casualties. When on the move, it can carry 10 medics and 2 doctors as well as all the necessary medical equipment and stores for field operations.

The shelter is expanded by electrical means to form an enclosed tentage in less than 10 minutes by 4 trained personnel. When expanded from the main cabin, it has a left and right cabin that can house 26 personnel comprising 12 working staffs and 12 casualties.

In total, we designed and manufactured 58 units of the BCS for the SAF.


Mobile field hospitals are intended for both military and civilian purposes. When traditional health facilities are either not available, or heavily congested due to unexpected high demand, our mobile field hospitals offer a quick and viable solution. For the past decade, we have worked collaboratively with on a series of initiatives with the SAF.

As challenges mount with the sifting grounds of technology and mounting global political uncertainties, we have been asked to develop a rapidly deployable health care facilities under critical conditions, such as conflicts or natural disasters. They can be integrated into several possible base camp configurations, or be used as stand-alone units to mitigate possible harsh conditions faced by patients and medical staff.

Conceived with modular design for adaptive configuration and capacity requirements, along with Custom-built facilities for mounting complexities of medical procedures. These field stations may continue to improve with time and logistical convenience. But the requirements of safety standards for stations like these will always be paramount to any environment that they’ll be tested in.

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