Maintenance for Trucks

Maintenance and servicing are indispensable.

Machines that are in use every day get dirty and wear. This can have an adverse effect on the safety and downtime of your vehicles and on your employees and business. Failure to perform regular maintenance and servicing may result in downtime or it can be a safety hazard. You can stay one step ahead of these problems by having your equipment maintained and serviced regularly. As a reliable partner, with experienced and trained service engineers, with the right equipment and parts ensures inventory in the supply chain is always available. So we can always perform preventive maintenance and servicing tasks for your machines..

Maintenance that is intended to keep the vehicles and machines in our care in optimal condition. Maintenance that aims to keep vehicles and machines operating without faults, that guarantees proper function, that complies with all regulations and, where applicable, certification requirements. At SYNTECH, we build long-term relationships with our customers.

Whatever the size of your equipment, we can perform periodic maintenance or servicing on-site. We also work with maintenance contracts, so you can always rely on us to inspect and maintain your vehicles in our optimal care.

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