IBAK Pipeline TV

Founded in 1945 in Germany, IBAK designs and manufactures is the biggest manufacturer of CCTV systems for the inspection of pipelines and wells in Europe. Along with a network of modular TV inspection systems with features which are unique in terms of functionality and technology.

IBAK’s robust range of pipeline TV system complements our sewer cleaning product line and SYNTECH are proud to be an official Sales and After-Sale Service partner for IBAK in Singapore and the China region.

SYNTECH offers a comprehensive selection of Rapidview IBAK sewer inspection equipment. Products range from Mainlite and Minilite cameras to scanners, tractors, and camera heads. All of which are available from SYNTECH ENGINEERS.



We provide contractors, municipalities and utilities access to the entire range of IBAK’s products. From cameras and individual components to complete sewer inspection systems and vehicle fit-outs, IBAK’s innovative modular design allows for unrivalled versatility and several multi-use options.

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