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WinCan was the original pipe inspection and asset management software when it entered the market 30 years ago. And it remains the most trusted brand in the market. Founded in 1990, WinCan has revolutionised the way Sewer inspection data can enable how sewerage trends are understood,  and decisions are made. WinCan reports combine tabular data, schematics, graphs and images so you can drill down quickly to specific problem areas.

Today, WinCan is used worldwide by over 8,500 inspection professionals, offering support for over 50 observation standards and languages.



SYNTECH, is a proud distributor of WinCan reporting software in Singapore. And not only does WinCan complement our pipeline CCTV system, it also enables us to provide a total suite of solution to sewerage inspections in the region.

*WinCansoftware program operates from a computer, either simultaneously or after the inspection video is taken. The video is delivered from the camera device (a pipe crawler in this case) and is recorded by the program.

Maintaining sewers starts with understanding sewer conditions. WinCan™ ’s software can be used in any scenario that calls for wastewater pipe inspections. As the global leader in CCTV pipe inspection software, it’s not just down to the quality of the camera or the image it collects, it all comes down to the user experience. This includes the quality of reporting software both in terms of when data is being input and also the report that is generated.

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