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Mobile Dental Clinic

Have you been to a dental clinic on wheels?  Well we built several of these dental clinics before.  The mobile dental clinic is basically a bus that serves as a clinic.  It has external power supply to power the air-conditioning, the dental chairs, lights, sterilisation equipment and other electrical appliances.  It also has an air compressor, water pump, discharge pipe etc.  Just like what you would expect in a normal dental clinic.  For the unit exported to Brunei, it even has a separate room to treat female patients.

On the left and bottom left you can see the production stage of the mobile dental clinic.

The bottom picture shows the steps when it is opened.  You can also see part of the cabinets and the dental chair.



Going clockwise, you can see the dental chair and in the background, the air-conditioning unit.  The next picture shows the air compressor.  The following picture shows the 5-pin CEE wall plug.  The bottom picture shows the various connection hoses and pipes for air and water.  The picture on the bottom right shows the water pump.


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