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 Concrete Batching Plant

In 1993, we were approached by RDC to design a 90 cu metre per hour dry batching plant for them.  Standard imported plants could not meet their requirements.  Our engineers sat down with RDC's people and came out with a design that satisied their needs.

Below is an enlarged photo of the first batching plant designed and built by us.


In recognition of our quality product and services, RDC rewarded us with an order for a second  plant the following year.

The pictures below show the production and installation at the site of the 2nd batching plant.  This is a wet-type batching plant with a production capacity of 100 cu metre per hour.  The concrete is mixed by use of a twin shaft mixer.

The above picture shows the 100 ton cement silos. The picture above shows the water and chemical tanks.
The picture above shows the aggregate weighing hopper and the conveyor belt. The picture above shows the installation of the aggregate hopper at RDC's site.
The installation of the wet plant at site is shown in the pictures here.  From here, you can see the twin shaft mixer, the control room, the two 100 ton cement silo with a turnhead mechanism, the water and chemical tanks as well as the conveyor belts.  The computerised system is shown in the right picture.


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