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Detachable Pontoon

A company in Japan commissioned us to build a pontoon to be used for dredging purposes. This pontoon has to be transportable by truck for overland transport. In order to achieve this, we built a detachable pontoon that can be detached easily and transported by 40-ft containers.

The picture on the left shows a pontoon built for a company in Japan.  This pontoon was used for dredging application.

The pontoon was built in five sections with interlocking hooks for quick installation and dismantling.  Each section is designed to fit into a 40-foot container.

The picture on the right shows different sections of the pontoon.  On the left of the photo is the bulk head and on the right is the mid rift. The pontoon is compartmentalised and this helps in preventing sinking of the pontoon in case of accident.

These two pictures show the hooking mechanism of the pontoon.