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Other Projects

There are many other projects we have done for many of our customers.  The list is very long and so we shall only highlight a few more prominent ones whereby our engineering capability was needed.  They are:

6-Ton Self Propelled Loader

Designing and manufacturing a unit of 6-ton self propelled loader for M/S Meiden (S) Pte Ltd.

This unit runs on 48 V DC battery, can lift a load of 6 tons up to a height of 150 mm, travel a speed of 10 km/h and climb a gradient of 10%.


30-ton Lifter

The picture on the right shows a 4-pole hydraulic lifting device that can lift 30-ton load uniformly.  The hydraulic power pack (in blue) can be seen in the background.  This design enable the user quick deployment at work site.

It sure looks like we were having some fun while testing it.

25-Ton Lifter

The picture on the left shows a tilting platform we built for a company in Singapore called Plaskon Electronics. This tilting platform is used to discharge silica resin from ISO containers into an underground conveyor belt.