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Multi-Purpose Utility Truck

In 1990, we built three units of the multi-purpose utility trucks for the Ministry of the Environment in Singapore. The purpose of these trucks is to attend to emergency  repairs of sewer pipelines.

The multi-purpose utility truck is hydraulically powered.  Using the truck main propeller shaft, it is connected to 5 hydraulic pumps via a split shaft PTO.  The features of the unit are:

Two hydraulic hose-reels with a pair of 15 m long hoses each and complete with quick release couplings to power a chainsaw, trash pump, water pump, tamper, breaker etc. It also has a hydraulically powered blower with a 10 m flexible hose to pump fresh air into the manhole.  Other features include an explosion-proof 230V lamp with 30 m of cable, 2 nos. of florescent lamps, collapsible ladder, water discharge hoses, external power supply etc.

Picture on the left shows the multi-purpose utility trucks under construction.  In the foreground is the control panel waiting to be installed.  In the background are two aluminium canopies being prepared for installation.

The picture on the right shows the equipment carried by the truck.  Here you can see the trash pump, tamper, breaker, hand held explosion lamp, florescent lamp, hoses, external power supply and air blower.

On your left the photo shows us getting ready to commission the unit together with the engineers from the Ministry of the Environment.  The test was conducted at the Singapore Kallang River.  The unit is designed to operate continuously for 24 hours at an ambient temperature of 35 degree without overheating.

In the picture on the right, you can see the water pump and trash pump on the pavement,