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Fixed Boom Crane

Fixed Boom Crane

What do you do if you need a 3-ton crane for a building and yet have no space for a tower crane?

Call Syntech and we will solve it for you.

Obayashi Construction has such a problem when constructing Savu Towers along Shenton Way.  They needed a 3-ton crane to pick up formworks from the road side which was 12 metre away.  Total building height is 39 storey high.

We studied their problem and came out with a fixed boom crane with a 3-ton winch, a trolley that can move in and out and a hydraulic system that can swivel the boom an angle of 110 degrees.

The result - a happy customer who has his problem solved at a fraction of the cost anticipated.

Photo on the right shows a Professional Engineer testing and certifying the crane.