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Vacuum Tankers

In 1987, we became the first company in Singapore to manufacture truck-mounted vacuum tankers. Soon, in line with requests from our customers, we started making high pressure water-jetting machines to work in tandem with our vacuum tankers.

By 1993, we were making our own mobile sewer cleaner, capable of vacuuming, jetting and recycling the waste water for jetting again.

The picture on the right shows the first unit of vacuum tankers built by us. It was a 350-gallon tanker with an air flow of 3,000 lpm and a vacuum efficiency of 90 %.  Over the years that followed, we made many improvements to our design and now our vacuum tankers are performing much better than the pioneer batch built by us.


Our vacuum tankers are built in accordance to the ASME code section VIII.  In addition, we also build vacuum tankers which meet the stringent Lloyd's and ADR standard.  This is a requirement to transport hazardous waste.  The picture on the right shows a vacuum tanker built to carry phenol, which is hazardous in nature.


Our  vacuum tankers range in size from 350-gallon to 3000-gallon with air flows ranging from 3,250 lpm to 133,000 lpm.  Besides vacuum tankers, we also manufacture combination units with vacuuming and water jetting capabilities as well as waste water recycling to reduce wastages in water consumption.  On the right are two combination units with a 10,000-litre tank divided into two compartments, one for clean water and the other for debris.  The vacuum pump has an air flow of 83,000 lpm and the water pump has a flow of 263 lpm at a pressure of 300 bar.  Recycling rate is 300 lpm.  This unit is also incorporated with an internal tank cleaning device, wash-down gun and other standard accessories needed for the maintenance and repair of sewer lines.


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