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IBAK Pipeline TV Systems

Our company is the distributor in South East Asia for IBAK pipeline TV Systems. Besides that, we also provide after-sale service on behalf of IBAK for the whole of China. IBAK is the biggest manufacturer of CCTV systems for the inspection of pipelines and wells in Europe. Founded more than 60 years ago in Germany, IBAK designs and manufactures modular TV inspection systems with features which are unique in terms of functionality and technology.

IBAK range of pipeline TV system complements our sewer cleaning product line and we are proud to be associated with an advance and forward looking company like IBAK.



IBAK Cameras

HYDRUS Axial Camera

JUNO Axial Camera

ORION Pan and Rotate Camera

IBAK HYDRUS is a spherical pushrod camera with a diameter of 41 mm and is the smallest camera of the IBAK Modular 1 series. This camera is suitable to televise pipes from 50 mm (2") diameter upwards.

IBAK JUNO is suitable for pipes with diameter from 100 mm (4") upward. This camera can be operated by either pushrods or tractor. The camera is equipped with white LED which impact proof protected. A transmitter is integrated for position finding if required.

IBAK ORION is a pan and rotate camera which turns continuously around its own axis and also provide a picture which is always right side up. Thus the camera can look in all directions and automatically rotates to inspect joints. The ORION can be operated on all camera tractors.


ORION L Pan and Rotate Camera

ORPHEUS Pan and Rotate Camera


IBAK ORION L is designed specially to televise lateral pipes from the main pipe. The capability to rotate and adjust the viewing angle and providing a picture that is always right side up are only some of the features of this camera. This camera is suitable for pipes with diameter of 100 mm (4") and above.

IBAK ORPHEUS is a pan and rotate camera with 40X zoom, an integrated laser for reference measurements and a picture that is always right side up. The camera can rotate automatically to inspect joints. This camera is suitable for pipes with diameter of 150 mm (6") and above.
IBAK Camera Tractors
KRA 65 KRA 75 LISY 150-M
IBAK Cable Winch
KT 180 KW 180 KW 305
IBAK Control Panel and Box

For more information, please visit Ibak website at www.ibak.de


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