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Sewer Jetting Equipment

Our company is the distributor of Rioned sewer jetting machines in Singapore. Rioned is a renown Dutch company producing high quality sewer cleaning jetting machines mounted on trailers as well as on commercial vans. Besides marketing Rioned sewer jetting machines, we also manufacture our own jetting machines that fall outside of Rioned's range and which are usually customised for our customers' needs. For more information on Rioned machines, please visit their website at www.rioned.com


Our sewer jetting cleaners range in size from 100 bar to 800 bar with a flow rate from 30 lpm to 400 lpm.  The top two photos show our most popular range of sewer cleaning pump.  This pump has a pressure of 170 bar and a flow rate of 102 lpm. It has a wireless remote control to regulate the pump flow rate and cut off the engine.  A hydraulically powered hose reel that can swivel 90 degree is also part of the many features of this unit.  


The other two pictures above show two higher flow rate and pressure water pumps.  

In the picture below is a skid-mounted water pump with a flow rate of 100 lpm and with a pressure of 800 bar.  It is used for water blasting and has application for shipyard, oil refinery, petrol-chemical plant, construction etc.



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