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ENZ Sewer Jetting Nozzles

Our company is the distributor of ENZ Technik AG range of sewer jetting nozzles and cutting tools in Singapore. ENZ's range of sewer jetting tools complements our sewer cleaning product line and help us in giving our customers the complete range of sewer cleaning equipment.

ENZ is a Swiss company that produces the best quality and technologically advance sewer jetting tools in the world. They are also the world's largest producers of such tools for the last 20 years. ENZ believes in listening to the customers, and their range of products and technological innovation comes about through development with the customers, for the customers.

Our sewer jetting machines would never be complete without them, and our company is proud to be their partner in this industry.


  ENZ - The quality product in sewer jetting nozzles and   ccleaning tools.


Pipe Cleaning Nozzle


Gliding Nozzles


Grenade Bombs


1000 bars Cross Jet Nozzles


Scrappers Rotating Surface Cleaner
Pointed Nozzles Wire Rope and Chain Flails
Rotating Nozzles Impact Drill Cutters

Recycling Rotating Nozzles


Ceramic Inserts

For more information about ENZ nozzles, visit their website at www.enz.com

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