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Refuse Collection Method

One of the most common refuse collection methods employed in Singapore by Housing Development Board (HDB) for all public housing.

Rubbish is first thrown into the bulk bins through the rubbish chute.  This rubbish chute is located in all homes in the HDB apartment blocks.

The picture here shows a typical rubbish chute.



Rubbish is collected in bins at the base of the chute as shown in this photograph.





At designated times in the mornings, workers come to collect the bins with their battery operated carts to the respective bin centres.





Here, the bins are placed in the bin lifting device.  This device is hydraulically powered to empty the refuse from the bins into the stationery compactors.  




This picture shows the tipping of the refuse into the compactor.





After the refuse is emptied into the hopper of the compactor, the hydraulic scissor arms are activated to press the refuse at great pressure into the compactor body.




When the compactor is full, a hook-lift truck will come to pick up the refuse for disposal at the incinerator plant.






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