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Box Vans

Using the most recent technology, we recently introduced the use of automotive adhesive on our range of aluminium box vans.  With the use of this automotive adhesive, we can do away with the need for riveting on the main panels of the box van body.  The result of this method of construction has many advantages to the truck owners.


r The box van will have a flatter surface finish.  It will not have pock marks, a tell-tale sign of  riveting.  Also, the aluminium panels will have continuous joints, with no overlapping that is required when using rivets.
Without overlapping joints and rivets, logos and sign writing required on the box van will have a better appearance.
As the adhesive joint is a continuous joint, there will be no problem with leakage of water into the interior of the box van.
Also, since the surface is flat, it would be easier to wash and clean the box van.  Gone are the days when cleaning cloth gets caught in the overlapping seams as well as the rivets.


Our range of box vans comprises of three models, the BV10, BV14 and BV 24.  These are 10-footer, 14-footer and 24-footer respectively.  Other made-to-order size models can also be arranged.  The height is 6 feet for both the 10 and 14 footer and 7 feet for the 24 footer.  Standard box vans come with two container-type rear doors.



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