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Hammar Sideloaders



Our company is the distributor of Hammar Maskin Sideloaders in Singapore. Hammar Maskin develops, manufactures and markets mobile self loading container equipment known as Sideloaders, Swinglifters or Self loading trailers, under the brand name HAMMAR™.

With over 30 years of focusing on just one product, Hammar Maskin had made it possible for their  HAMMAR™ Sideloaders to become the world’s leading Sideloaders.

Hammar Maskin, a Swedish company, has production factories in Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.



150 Series - The biggest and most powerful sideloader in our family. Designed to be able to transfer containers simply and safely to and from other chassis of up to 36 tonnes lifting capacity, with or without double stacking capacity. Top spreader available as an option.

HAMMAR 150 series is the result of an extensive development effort in combination with the latest technology and long experience. The 150 series is available in two different models, 151 and 152, in which both can be mounted on different types of semi-trailer chassis


160 Series - Has models with stacking capability (160 HS) and without (160 S). Both of these are our most popular standard models and were the first in the world to have lifting capacity of 33 tonnes. With their outstanding simple construction, fast handling and high load capacity they are possibly our most rugged machines and are perfect for ground-to-ground lifting. The HAMMAR 160 is the world’s lightest 20-40-foot sideloader


180 Series - The world's lightest and shortest Sideloader for empty or fully laden containers. 8-30 tonnes lifting capacity and able to stack containers two-high on the ground.

This fixed 20' is a superstructure to be fitted to a rigid truck chassis of any brand.

With it's compact structure and extremely low tare weight from 3.0 metric tonnes, the truckmounted HAMMAR is the lightest and most manoeuvrable heavy-duty Sideloader in the world. Excellent use in narrow places and where 20’ containers are dominated.


190 Series - The latest addition to the HAMMAR family. With a lifting capacity of 33 tonnes (195 S/HS) or 25 tonnes (190 S/HS), both with the same versatile support legs. These models are also available with or without double stacking capability. This means that, together with several types of trailer chassis, fixed or telescopic, the customer can optimise his sideloader. The 190 series can also be mounted on rigid trucks.

Military Version - Besides commercial application, the Hammar Sideloader is also used by various NATO forces in Europe for military application.


For more information about HAMMAR sideloaders, visit their website at www.hammarmaskin.se


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