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Hi-Lift Catering Trucks

Changi International Airport Services (CIAS) has two units of hi-lift catering trucks built by us.

These two trucks have a hydraulic scissor lift that can reach a height of 5.6 m above ground.  It has an aluminium van body with a 2-inch thick polyurethane wall to insulate the interior of the body.  Two insulated Henderson roller shutter doors are used, one at the front and the other at the rear of the van body. A Thermo King refrigeration unit keeps the interior cold at all times.  The front platform can be extended hydraulically.

Controls are found in the van body as well as the truck cabin.  This unit also incorporates fail safe devices to prevent accidents to both the operators as well as the aircrafts.

The following four pictures below show the various stage of the construction phase, beginning first with the chassis, then the structure, and finally the aluminium cladding.
The three pictures show show of the features of the catering truck, beginning with the stabilizer legs, insulated roller shutter, and finally the actual test itself.