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Our company majors in three area of business. In 1986, we started in the automotive industry as a truck upper-structure specialist. The following year, after having supplied many truck-mounted garbage compactors and vacuum tankers, we decided to set up an environmental division in our company to cater to the environmental industry. Finally, acceding to the requests of our customers to provide customised solutions to their varied needs, we integrate our knowledge in the field of mechanical, structural and electrical engineering and formed a project team. A full description of our business is appended below.

We pride ourselves as the number one truck upper-structure supplier in Singapore.  We operate a One-Stop Centre for Trucks at our factory. Among the upper-structures we produced are mobile control towers, aircraft refuellers, oil tankers and other specialised vehicles. See also our alternate website at  

We are also a major manufacturer and supplier of environmental equipment here in Singapore.  Our specialty in the environmental products are truck-related types.  Among these are refuse compactors, rear refuse loaders, vacuum tankers, mobile sewer cleaners, sewer jetting machines, runway sweepers etc.

 We are also capable of designing and undertaking engineering projects requiring knowledge in electrical, structural and mechanical engineering.  Among the many projects undertaken by us are mobile link-bridge, mechanical docking ramp, crawler scissor lifts, pier service towers, detachable pontoons, etc.

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We believe that the success of our company depends on the satisfaction of our customers. It is with this belief that we take great pains to ensure that our products and services meet our customers' expectation. To further enhance our service to our customers, we have a CRM (customer relationship management) portal so that our customers can assess online, the services we have rendered on their equipment. With this CRM portal, our customers can view live, the progress on the work carried out by us on their equipment. At the same time they can also view records of all historical works carried out as well as the cost of service and/or repairs done. This will help our customers to manage their maintenance cost of the equipment.

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